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Trim Show Vendeen Results 2019

Champion went to Andrew Gilmore with his Ewe Lamb & John Lynch receiving Reserve for his Ewe.

Vendeen Ram: 1st Aaron O’Connor, 2nd Andrew Gilmore, 3rd Mark & Audrey Crowe, 4th Andrew Gilmore.

Vendeen Ewe: 1st John Lynch, 2nd Andrew Gilmore, 3rd Ross Clark, 4th Andrew Gilmore.

Vendeen Ram Lamb: 1st John Lynch, 2nd Eileen Foster, 3rd Aaron O’Connor 4th Eileen Foster.

Vendeen Ewe Lamb: 1st Andrew Gilmore,2nd Andrew Gilmore, 3rd Mark & Audrey Crowe,4th John Lynch,5th Marke & Audrey Crowe.