All Ireland Championship 2019

Quitrent Odo, senior ram class winner was crowned All Irelands Champion at The Irish Vendeen Sheep Society final held in Athlone Show on Sunday the 23rd June. Owned by Ciaron Coughlan, Nuggfus, Ferbane, Co. Offely and Breeder Cheryl O Brien, Springvale, Kildorreny, Co. Cork.
Reserved Champion went to Cheryl O Brien for her Senior Ewe in her class.
A great number of breeders turned out for the All Ireland Championship in Athlone last Sunday on a very wet day but this didn’t discourage the breeders.
Class Winners included,

Championship :

Ciaran Coughlan Senior Ram with reserve going to Cheryl & Conor O’ Brien.

Female Champion:

Cyeryl & Connor O’Brien with their Shearling ewe and reserve going to John Lynch with his ewe lamb.
Senior Ram:
1st Ciaran Coughlan,2nd Androw Gilmore, 3rd Ena Nagle, 4th Mark & Audrey Crowe.
Senior ewe:
1st Cheryl & Connor O’ Brien,2nd Ena Nagle, 3rd Cheryl & Connor O’ Brien, 4th Ena Nagle 5th Ciaran Coughlan.
Shearling Ram:
1st Cheryl & Connor O’ Brien, 2nd Cheryl & Connor O’ Brien, 3rd Brendan & Carmel Rooney, 4th John Lynch, 5th Michael McGrath
Shearling Ewe:
1st Cheryl O Brien, 2nd John Lynch, 3rd Ena Nagle, 4th Cheryl & Connor O’ Brien, 5th Shay Kennedy.

Ran Lambs:
1st John Lynch, 2nd Cheryl & Connor O’Brien,3rd Ciaran Coughlan, 4th John Lynch, 5th Brendan & Carmel Rooney.
Ewe Lambs:
1st John Lynch, 2nd Cheryl & Connor O’ Brien, 3rd John Lynch. 4th Ciaran Coughlan, 5th Ena Nagle