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2024 Growvite All-Ireland Vendeen Sheep Championship Report

Eight different Irish Vendéen Sheep Society breeders made the journey to Athenry on Sunday

26th May. Despite the poor forecast, and showers of rain falling elsewhere around the country, the weather held out, making for a lovely day to hold the Growvite All Ireland Championship classes. There was a strong turnout of over 40 sheep in the six classes. Judge Mr. Padraig Niland did a great job, especially given a number of difficult classes to judge.

The day kicked off for the Vendéen’s with the male classes, starting with the senior ram where Andrew Gilmore of Valley View Vendéens in Co. Cavan took first and second place. Ciaran Coughlan (Noggus Vendéens, Co. Offaly) came 3rd , Alan Crowe (Dunsany Vendéens, Co. Meath) 4th , Tom Medlycott (Knockraheen Vendéens, Co. Wicklow) 5th and Mark & Audrey Crowe (Killeen Vendéens, Co. Meath) 6th.

First in the shearling ram class was Ciaran Coughlan, followed again by Andrew Gilmore in second. Then followed a very hotly contested ram lamb class with 12 entries where again Ciaran Coughlan was tapped out first, followed by Andrew Gilmore 2nd , Mark & Audrey Crowe 3rd , John Lynch (Ballinascraw Vendéens, Co. Longford) 4th and 5th and Cheryl O’Brien (Quitrent Vendéens, Co. Cork) 6th.

The Male Championship was then judged with the rams lambs stealing the show, Ciaran

Coughlan winning Male Champion and the Oramec Perpetual Shield with his ram lamb and

Andrew Gilmore taking Reserve Male Champion (ram lamb).

The females were up next, starting with the senior ewe. Cheryl O’Brien returned to form

taking first and second, with Mark & Audrey Crowe in 3rd . The Shearling ewe class followed with Cheryl O’Brien taking 1st with a stylish ewe that was unbeaten in the show ring as a lamb in 2023. Andrew Gilmore came in 2nd , Cheryl O’Brien in again in 3rd , John Lynch 4th , Martin & Morgan Rabbitte (Castle Ellen Vendéens, Co. Galway) 5th and Mark & Audrey Crowe 6th.

Finally it was the turn of the ewe lambs where John Lynch returned to winning ways, coming

in 1st and 2nd , Cheryl O’Brien took 3rd , Andrew Gilmore 4th , Cheryl O’Brien 5th and Ciaran Coughlan 6th .

Cheryl O’Brien’s shearling ewe went on to take the honours in the Female Championship, winning the Sunderland Cup, with her senior ewe coming in Reserve Female Champion.

The Supreme Championships was the final order of business for the Vendéen classes, with

Ciaran Coughlan’s champion ram lamb taking home the coveted prize of the Noggus Cup and

Andrew Gilmore’s ram lamb earning the title of reserve supreme champion.

The Irish Vendéen Sheep Society thank all of those who made the event happen, both the

Athenry Show organisers and the society’s council and members who worked so hard in the run up to, and on the day to make the event happen. Special thanks goes to Mr. Padraig Niland for his stellar job in judging the extremely closely contested classes and to our brilliant sponsors Univet Growvite for their continued support. Thanks also to our exhibitors for their hard work and dedication to preparing your sheep and displaying them to such a high standard.

The Irish Vendéen Sheep Society now look forward to their 28th annual Premier Show and Sale in Tullamore Mart on Saturday, July 13th .

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