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Charleville Show Results

Congratulations to Charleville Agricultural show on a fantastically run show of sheep on Sunday 30th June. Thanks to Mr. Frank Gibbons for judging the Vendéen classes. Congratulations to all the breeders who exhibited. Most of the ram lambs exhibited will be available for sale on Saturday 13th July at our Premier Show & Sale in Tullamore Mart.


Senior Ram:

1st Ena Nagle (Landmark Vendéens)

Ram lamb:

1st Ena Nagle

2nd Cheryl O'Brien (Quitrent Vendéens)

3rd Cheryl O'Brien

4th Shay Kennedy (Windy Gap Vendéens)

5th Ena Nagle

Senior Ewe:

1st Cheryl O'Brien

2nd Ena Nagle

3rd Ena Nagle

4th Cheryl O'Brien

5th Shay Kennedy

Ewe lamb:

1st Cheryl O'Brien

2nd Ena Nagle

3rd Cheryl O'Brien

Champion: Cheryl O'Brien (Senior Ewe)

Reserve Champion: Cheryl O'Brien (Ewe Lamb)

Congratulations to Adam and Aaron from the Landmark flock on their performance in the young handler class!

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